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Bota e modës në zi, ndahet nga jeta ikona Karl Lagerfeld

The world-famous German stylist, Karl Lagerfeld, left life on Tuesday at the age of 85.

The British newspaper “The Guardian” announced that Lagerfeld, creative director of brands known as “Chanel” and “Fendi” and one of the most famous fashion industry figures, died on February 19 in a Paris hospital .

The icon designer did not feel good for a few weeks, which he had been forced to miss rarely in some important fashion shows.

Lagerfeld had created an original image of his own in recent years, always appearing in public with dark suits, black-stained gloves, black-eyed goggles and hair-catching tail.

Identified with the brand “Chanel”, the German designer has another brand named “Karl”.

Born in Hamburg, Germany on September 10, 1933, Lagerfeld moved to Paris in 1954.

He started his fashion career in 1955 as assistant to Pierre Balmain, and in 1983 he started working for “Chanel”.

In addition to prestigious brands like “Chanel” and “Fendi”, which have been firm for decades, Karl Lagerfeld has also worked with many famous fashion houses, including “Chloe”.

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